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How To Steal Koujaku's Sister [AU! Noiz x Reader]
Noiz x Koujaku's little sister! Reader
The first time you had met Noiz, you had ended up staring at him like the creep that you were. Eyes locked on his face, and mouth hanging open slightly. If it wasn't for Aoba nudging you with his elbow, you could have been caught by the blond and most likely die from embarrassment.
The only reason you met him was because he had walked into Aoba's house like he lived there and sat down to enjoy Tae's food. Tae didn't seem to mind, while Aoba greeted him like an old friend. However, you dear big brother, Koujaku, had not been so happy to see the other boy. So while Koujaku took it upon himself to start an argument, you found yourself unable to take your eyes off of Noiz.
But really who wouldn't be a bit hypnotized by him? He walks in to your friends house without a word and digs into the food like it was he who bought it. Not to even mention how handsome he was. You couldn't help but to wonder if it hurt to get all those piercings, and that t
:iconnixdex:nixdex 1,093 196
Sakamoto X Reader Pt. 2 ~A New Interest~
    “Ok class, today we will be doing partner drawings. Choose a partner and draw them.” The teacher turned and as usual, a flood of girls ran towards Sakamoto, with Aina far ahead. She ran up to Sakamoto and batted her eyes cutely.
“Sakamoto-kun, want to be partners and draw each other?” Sakamoto pushed his glasses up and looked at her.
    “I’m sorry, but I must respectfully decline your offer…” Aina’s eyes widened. She stumbled backwards as Sakamoto stood up. All of the girls watched in silence as Sakamoto walked across the room towards you, simply sitting, waiting for the last person to come to you. Your eyes widened as Sakamoto came into your field of vision. They widened further when he stopped in front of you and bowed.
    “Pardon me, but would you mind being my partner for the assignment?” Your breath hitched.
    “U-Um…. Sure?” Your voice was quiet and s
:iconartwolf711:artwolf711 46 8
Rei x Reader: Insecurities
Butterflies don’t know the color of their wings, but the human eye knows how beautiful it is..
(This takes place before Rei met the swim team.)
Ryugazaki Rei had always doubted his appearance. He didn't know how it began but whenever he found himself in front of the mirror, the boy would thoroughly inspect each feature on his face. 
He'd tilt his head in different angles to thoroughly view his bone structure.
Not firm enough.
He'd part his lips to flash a peek of his teeth.
Not pearly white enough.
He'd near his whole cheek to the mirror to catch a faint trace of a freckle.
Not flawless enough.
Finally, he stares straight into his reflection's eyes before narrowing them. There was a very thin line of stress underneath his lashes then focusing on his eye color he's even more aggravated for he can't really understand what shade his optics were. Pink? Purple? Blue? 
Not beautiful enough.
Frustrated he
:iconxxtomodachixx:xXTomoDachiXx 139 85
Kyoya Ootori X Reader Chapter 6: A Nice Getaway

You woke up the next morning from being shaken by your mother.
“_________! You’re gonna be late for school!” She yells.
“Hm…” you rub your eyes and blink them open.
“_________, this isn’t like you. You’re usually up early to go meet Kyoya at school”
A lump filled your throat along with a pang to your chest.
“It’s fine mom” Is all you said as you head to your bathroom to get ready for school.
“_________” your mom calls your name but you ignore her and close your bathroom door.
John gets you to school quickly and you only have 5 minutes before your first class starts.
You walk to your first class and are happy to see that Kyoya was not there first and you were instead.
You sit down in your regular seat and wait for your english teacher, Ms. Veronica to begin their lesson.
You look out the window for a few seconds, already fin
:iconcutiepie247:cutiepie247 63 55
SC 2016 Miraculous Ladybug 03 by dragonslayero SC 2016 Miraculous Ladybug 03 :icondragonslayero:dragonslayero 4 0 SC 2016 Miraculous Ladybug 02 by dragonslayero SC 2016 Miraculous Ladybug 02 :icondragonslayero:dragonslayero 4 0 SC 2016 Miraculous Ladybug 01 by dragonslayero SC 2016 Miraculous Ladybug 01 :icondragonslayero:dragonslayero 2 1
Guarded Love: Chapter Twenty-Four (Obi x Reader)
The two years in Lyrias had quickly passed. Your wounds have completely healed within a couple months and you were able to move around again. Soldiers who were unharmed came to visit you and apologized for not being able to protect you. You told them that they were not at fault and that you were all healed now.
 Hearing the news, Izana had written you a letter saying that you were dismissed from your duties until you were fully healed. You angrily ripped up the letter and tossed it in the trash. He was always trying to mess with you.
 Shuuto had woken up a few months later and you and Ryuu greeted him delightedly. For now, he is resting in a small house that you had rented for the last couple years recuperating from his injuries. Shuuto had been having trouble moving his legs so he's been in bed rest until he can move again. Sometimes you and Ryuu would take him out on a wheelchair but the older man would make a fuss because he felt so vulnerable.
 "Are you going out?" S
:iconizz22:Izz22 47 35
WC2016 The mix 31 by dragonslayero WC2016 The mix 31 :icondragonslayero:dragonslayero 2 3 WC2016 The mix 32 by dragonslayero WC2016 The mix 32 :icondragonslayero:dragonslayero 2 0
Brother!america x Texas!reader: civil war...
You sat in the corner and watched your siblings fight while trying to hide yourself. You were the state of Texas, one of the southern slave States, right now, america along with the northern states were confronting the South States.
"We're asking you a question."
"You're not on their side, are you?"
You looked into america's worried eyes and teared up.
"I-I'm sorry... My boss wanted me to become one of the southern slave States, I never wanted this to happen, I-"
"I don't want to hear it."
You looked into his eyes to see a tint of anger and betrayal. He looked back at the states and glared.
"Southern states... I, America and the northern states, declare war on you."
He walked out, followed by his younger, northern siblings while the southern states went a different way, leaving you alone...
The civil war was over. Finally over. Y
:iconnyanpheonix101:nyanpheonix101 18 6
Exception [Part 2] ((Cardverse!Alfred x Reader))
You looked at the book that was in your basket when you entered your room in your aunt’s house and suddenly flashed back to the moment he placed a hand on you and the images of blood in the burning halls of the castle. You were standing in the throne room, seated on the King’s chair, staring at Alfred’s body that lay on the floor.
Was that the one that was supposed to happen? How would it even be like that? You sighed and lay down on your bed to sleep.
Alfred sat on his chair on the float that was built, bored written all over his face. The Queen of Spades, the man named Arthur Kirkland, wasn’t amused either. All he did was wave at the civilians as they passed by. The sandy blond male sighed for the –nth time since the parade started. “Hey, Arthur… Why are you the Queen when you’re a guy?” He asked just to have a conversation to break the boredom.
“Don’t ask me that, you bloody git. Besides, it’s not like were
:iconvanity-808:Vanity-808 39 12
Dreamtalia~Shadow!Italy x Reader ch.6
Dreamtalia Shadow!Italy x Reader Ch.6
The workshop
The door opens and you didn't hesitate to go through.Shortly after the butterfly flutter through the cave and the gate,back on the ribbon.Staying still like stone not moving till it is needed again.
A/n:There are some parts of Dreamtlia 7-2 on YouTube. Any problems just note me.
Light blinded your vision. As you adjust to it as snow fell down little by little.In front of you was the supposed workshop.It seemed like a run down factory. Strange thing is that you could see the windows or maybe door by side was barricade to keep whatever was in there in.Bone chills rushed up sensing something unusual about this place.Your instincts fighting your brain about moving to the building but where else can you go?Who knows what could be in there.You needed to find out where you are at least or know someone familiar near.Although when you felt a hand on your shoulder your instinct automatically grabbed the person's arm and threw him ove
:iconkaioshinfan:kaioshinfan 93 45
Nordics x Depressed Suicidal Reader Part 2
---------- Part 2 ---------
-Lukas (a.k.a Norway ) P.O.V-
I'm holding Emil as he is crying like crazy as I'm trying to stay strong but failing.
I hear yelling and look up from Emil. My heart stops as I see ( Y/N) start to fall making no move to reach for the outstretched hands of my brothers. Emil notices and looks up as (Y/N) is halfway to the ground.
" (Y/N)!!!!!!" He yells as he starts running towards her but it's too late I can tell. My eyes widen as she hits the ground with a sickening thud. All these emotions running through my body makes me just stand there not moving and barely breathing.
" SOMEBODY CALL THE HOSPITAL!!!!" Shouts Emil which he is by her side eyes searching at what to do. I break out my trance and run towards were they are pushing past the screaming and crying students that have gathered around.
' Oh god...' As soon as I see the scene I break and tears start to stream down my face. I go to Emils side and look at her.
Blood.. Emil yells at me to call the hospital
:iconanimeordie:AnimeOrDIe 128 78
Eyeless Jack x Mermaid!Reader.::A Mermaids song::.
You sat on the rock until the gills on your side screamed for water. You got in and started for a dock. Your tail shimmered as the light caught there shiny scales. You came up under the dock only to here heavy foot steps.
"Hmm" You swam out just enough to get a good look at the person. You almost screamed. The thing had brown reddish hair, a blue mask with no eyes just black empty sockets and black ooze, he was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt, blue jeans, and faded red converse. You thought you swam fast enough so he didn't see you.
But... he did. He sat down on his knees and leaned his head over the edge. He looked at you. Or at least you thought you felt his 'eyes' on you. You covered your chest. Yes there is not much to put over your torso in the ocean. The thing didn't say anything until.
"What are you doing back there?" He asked. His voice was gravely and rough like he hadn't spoke in forever.
You gulped and causiously swam forward toward the thing. You stopped once you were a few
:iconjamiehot-head:JamieHot-Head 26 2


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